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Dear Parents,.

Every child is potential in his / her own way. Thus being a responsible parent you are kindly requested to encourage your child to do the home work in an innovative & creative way by providing him/ her required materials so that he/ she would feel facilitated to get his/her talent unfolded. The school family prays to the almighty God for fulfillment of your aspirations with respect to your child.

Your child, out of the school being with you at home during winter vacation would definitely be bringing pleasure and joy home. The holiday home assignment gives opportunities to your child to imagine and explore, visualize and innovate in a creative way by utilizing critical thinking and abstract reasoning along with the family and friends. Thus it becomes a fun instead of a task. Since the parents are the first teacher for every child, we can work together in a supportive manner to help each other ensuring learning to learn aiming at sharpening of certain core values such as commitment, confidence, competencies, etc.

Therefore, please spend some quality time with your child taking him/her to morning walk, Yoga exercises, gardening, household coarse jobs, fun/water parks, summer camps, visit to historical places and relations, excursion tours, etc. Apart from getting the home assignments completed in time.

Wish you happy and enjoyable Winter Vacation.

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