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A wide range of activities complements the academic curriculum. It allows students to broaden their interests and skills and to develop their individual talents. The activities are also designed to be fun! There does not have to be a relationship to the academic curriculum, allowing the boys to learn new hobbies and skills; these are passed on through the teachers' enthusiasm, and can often progress through secondary School life, and afterwards into adulthood. Our aim is to offer something for everyone.

We are keen to ensure that all students benefit from these opportunities. To this end, our school week is structured to accommodate a programme of extra-curricular clubs and activities. This brings the activities within the school day so that those children who are unable to stay on after school are not disadvantaged. Weekend Activities programme which offers cultural to historic, adventurous experiences.

The school recognises its unique position geographically and we encourage pupils to experience the opportunities available in the peace full town.There is a huge variety of clubs with which students can become involved, catering to all interests. The school runs musical, dramatic, dance, sporting, charitable, campaigning, debating and art and crafts societies, which are active throughout the academic year.

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