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“ Formal Education will make you a living ;

  self education will make you a fortune .”

“ Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited."

“ Knowledge is a network of all information.”


  Knowledge is power, A person who has not gain knowledge has ignorant and one who is ignorant he is poor. We can get knowledge through constant effort . If we get knowledge we will be having great wealth because no wealth is so great as knowledge is.”

                                                                                                          'Frances Bracken'

It is a great opportunity that has been provided by our powerful management. So, that we can enhance technical skills create a love for learning thirst for knowledge , an ability to know unknown , discriminate right from wrong and truth from falsehood.

Our school focuses on quality ,motivates students to soar high aim for the lefty and brings an environment , so that each and every student can develop his potentiality . In school emphasis is on character building where the students are encouraged to imbibe cultural values , scientific temper , to explore and excel and become a conscious member of society.

Best qualities of our organization –

▪ We have strong and powerful means of communication.

▪ We have developed advanced system of education.

▪ We have good infrastructure.

▪ We  encourages learning through constant evaluation.

▪ Our teachers are well equipped and competent.

▪ Our teachers strive to achieve all-round development of the students make them physically and mentally strong spiritual conscious. Culturally vibrant human being of character and commitment.

▪ We have developed a conducive environment .

▪ Our students have proved their excellence in Kanpur at B.N.S.P entrance exams.

▪ The E.P of this school has a good vision to impart good education.

▪ The Education Director has motivated all section of school to come forward to bring a dynamic change in students mind .

▪ We conduct exams fairly.

▪ Our principal is popular for her dynamic and prudent vision.

▪ Our founder is a great lover of learning.

▪ We have a very competent coordinator who is well known for her Rapid action and wonderful co- operation.

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