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Do's & Don'ts


1-Dress professionally and conservatively; wear comfortable shoes


2-Practice good hygiene—shower regularly, brush your teeth regularly, keep your hair well-groomed, wear clean clothes, etc.


3-Eat properly, get plenty of rest, wash your hands frequently, take vitamins, and develop healthy lifestyle habits Remove eyebrow rings, nose rings, or any other facial piercings


4-Learn your students’ names as quickly as you can and address your students by their proper names Greet your students, peers, supervisors, administrators, and all school personnel with a smile Return student assignments in a timely manner and submit grades promptly Treat everyone with kindness and respect


5-Socialize with your peers and develop strong professional relationships Acquaint yourself with the community and support your students’ extracurricular activities— attend sports events, school plays, recitals, etc. in which your students participate Maintain regular contact with your students’ parents to report BOTH good news and bad news Reward yourself when you do a good job


1-Dress casually or provocatively


2-Dismiss the value of community and other school-related events

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