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Sports provide a means to children to develop strong mental boundaries. Sports teach them to channelize their efforts and thoughts into the right direction. Rules of the games are specific. Inertia is broken and a certain ‘field presence’ comes by swiftness of action. Games teach ‘team spirit’ and help build character. To win humbly and to lose gracefully is in order. A warm hand shake at the end of an event between both the winning and ‘not so lucky’ participants, bring both at a ‘level platform of goodwill’, and hearts warm up. The games played in our school are cricket, basketball, football, Table Tennis, Badminton, chess, Boxing, Kho-kho, Kabaddi, Athletics (races, shot put, hurdles, javelin) etc.

We strongly believe in access to sport for all and encourage everybody to join in, recreationally or competitively, fostering a positive attitude towards health, fitness and physical recreation. As well as personal achievement, we place great emphasis on communication, teamwork and helping others.The sporting programme here is very lively

Competitive houses

All students on entry to the school are allocated to one of the competitive houses named after important river Ganga, Brahmaputra, Yamuna and Narmada. These houses compete for points against each other across a variety of academic, cultural and sporting disciplines. Some of the highlights of the year include Sports Day are as under.

sportsVolley Ball

sportsVolley Ball


sportsTable Tennis


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