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Assessment & Evaluation

Rapid Global School conducts folk dances competitions, Bhajan and Gazal singing competitons to develop musical sense, various inter school sports competitions are conducted for developing team spirit, to foster their skills in sports and also poster making competitions are helpful in developing visual performing. Rapid Global School follows the comprehensive and continuous appraisal of the students on the basis of CBSE norms and assessment is done by the trained staff. Comprehensive assessment and evaluation helps us to set the standards for the students and also motivates them to show their hidden talents. Rapid Global School’s Evaluation and Assessment:

 is broader, more comprehensive and continuous than traditional system.
 Aims primarily to help learners for systematic learning and development.
 Takes care of the needs of the learner as responsible citizens of the future.
 Is more transparent, futuristic and provides more scope for association among learners , teachers and    parents.

Rapid Global School is following the CCE pattern of Evaluation and Assessment. CCE refers to a system of school based evaluation of all aspects of student that covers all around development of student. It is a developmental process of student which emphasizes on two fold objectives. The objectives of Rapid Global School are continuity in evaluation and assessment of board based learning and behavioural outcomes.